Policy Governing Posting and Removal of Content on Company Sites

本政策的目的是为在云顶集团(CMA)互联网资源上发布和删除用户提供的信息(“内容”)建立指导方针, which include, but are not limited to websites, message boards, blogs and social networking sites.

This policy applies to all users of CMA sites, including employees, consultants, contractors, administrators and third parties (collectively, “Users”). CMA期望本文件所包含的政策要求能够在CMA面向内部和外部的站点上实施,以确保这些站点的正确使用. With respect to internally facing CMA sites used by CMA employees only, other policies may augment or supplant this policy.

CMA应监控CMA网站中本政策所述或CMA另行确定的不可接受内容(“不可接受内容”)。. CMA是决定内容是否可以发布的唯一权威机构. 以下政策指南应构成决定是否从CMA网站删除任何内容的指南.

Unacceptable Content
Defamatory Content. 诽谤性陈述是指向第三方传播或发布的关于第三方的虚假陈述,并损害了虚假陈述所涉及的一方. In other words, 如果A在CMA网站上发布了关于B的虚假陈述,并且该陈述损害了B, person A may be liable for defamation by person B. Defamatory Content is prohibited on CMA Sites.

Intellectual Property Infringement. 知识产权侵权涉及由第三方拥有的、受商标保护的材料, copyright or is a protected trade secret.

商标表明商品或服务的来源,可以受到美国法律的保护.S. federal or state law. 未经商标所有人明确许可,禁止在任何内容发布中使用商标. 此外,商标不得用于用户帐户名称或其他用户标识. CMA保留删除任何此类帐户的权利,并要求使用无商标的新帐户名称.

U.S. copyright protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, technical (software), and other works. Content containing material subject to copyright, whether federally registered or not, shall only be used by the copyright owner. Any other use of copyrighted material in Content is prohibited.

Trade secrets. 个人或组织为创造竞争优势或维持信息所代表的价值而保密的信息可能包含商业秘密,并受州和联邦法律的保护. 未经商业秘密持有人授权,任何用户不得发布含有商业秘密信息的内容.

Privacy and Right of Publicity.

Inaccurate, False, or Otherwise Unacceptable Content. 除了诽谤内容或可能侵犯知识产权的内容, CMA shall remove any Content found to be inaccurate, false, or otherwise unacceptable for posting on CMA Sites.

Removal of Unacceptable Content.
CMA应在内部和外部提供联系信息和任何个人的方式, whether a User or not, may report Unacceptable Content to CMA. Upon becoming aware of any Unacceptable Content, CMA shall take steps to review and, if appropriate, remove such Unacceptable Content from CMA’s Sites in a timely manner. 在处理不可接受的内容时,CMA唯一可用的选择是完全删除该等内容. Under no circumstances shall CMA revise or otherwise edit Content. Where possible, CMA应向负责发布删除通知的用户提供删除通知和删除原因.

Statement of Use.
CMA很高兴为您提供这种方式,您可以通过它与他人共享信息和协作. However, in posting such information ("Content"), you agree to comply with the following requirements, 否则,您的内容将在未事先通知的情况下被CMA删除,您的用户帐户将被删除或权利将受到限制. In accordance with existing CMA policies, CMA employees failing to follow these policies risk disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

  • You shall not make libelous, defamatory, harassing or abusive statements, including the "stalking" of other users.

  • 您不得发布包含针对其他用户或个人的人身攻击或威胁的内容.

  • You shall not submit the personally identifiable information, images or other likenesses of other persons without their consent.

  • 您不得发布包含基于种族攻击个人或团体的内容, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or any other classification.

  • 您不得发布淫秽、粗俗或露骨的内容. This prohibition includes the use of abbreviations, asterisks, or other shorthand to communicate such obscene, vulgar or sexually explicit Content.

  • 您同意使用CMA网站严格用于CMA声明的目的,而不是用于商业产品促销, the transmission of spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or fraudulent or deceptive messages.

  • 您不得发布与政治活动有关或宣传政治活动的信息.

  • 您不得发布可能导致侵犯任何第三方知识产权的材料, privacy, or publicity rights.

  • 您声明并保证您拥有或以其他方式拥有所有必要的权利, including but not limited to, trademark and copyright, in all Content that you submit to CMA sites, and that you have secured all third-party consents, licenses, waivers and permissions necessary to submit such Content.

  • 您声明并保证您提交的内容不会侵犯或盗用他人的任何权利, including, without limitation, any copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, rights of privacy, moral rights or any other proprietary rights of third parties, or violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation.


CMA保留审查您提交给CMA网站的任何内容的权利, and to reject, delete, disable, or remove any Content CMA determines, in its sole discretion, (a) does not comply with this policy, (b) violates any law, infringe upon any rights of third parties, or subjects CMA to liability for any reason, (c) might adversely affect the CMA’s public image, reputation or goodwill, or (d) should be taken down for any other reason.

如果您认为任何CMA网站上的任何内容侵犯了任何版权, trademarks, or trade secrets that you own, please contact CMA at the following address: 1390 Dublin Rd. Columbus 43215.

Other Requirements.
User Acknowledgment and Consent. Prior to obtaining the ability to post any Content, 用户应确认并同意第3条(外部使用条款声明)中包含的政策,并同意遵守所有适用法律.

Relation to Other Policies and Agreements. Where applicable, 本政策应可访问,并与CMA网站的在线环境和使用相关的其他政策相关联, including, but not limited to:

  • Privacy policy

  • Terms of Use

  • Policy on Third-Party Web Sites


不遵守:违反此政策可能导致暂停或撤销系统特权和/或纪律处分,包括终止雇佣关系. CMA保留通知有关当局任何违法行为的权利.

合规性度量:插入适用部门将通过各种方法验证本政策的合规性, including, for example, business tool reports and audits.